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Each category has a list of potentially unneeded files, each with a checkbox, In my case, an assortment of cache files (System Junk) were using more than 10% of my 1TB drive.

If not, you might try to reinstall the Bootcamp drivers, however what I ended up having to do is go there every single device in the ‘Human Interface Devices’ list, try to update the driver, and see if Windows lists ‘Apple Trackpad’ as a compatible device.. That being said, cache files can also grow to gargantuan proportions After the scan it organizes the files it thinks might be unneeded into five categories: System Junk, Photo Junk, iTunes Junk, Mail Attachments, and Trash Bins.. The signature feature is called Smart Scan; it scans your disk for obsolete and orphaned files, detects malware, and runs a suite of Mac maintenance scripts with a single click.. To augment its namesake feature—cleaning up accumulated cruft on your disks—it has a total of 14 different tools that can help optimize and protect your drives.. I’m skeptical of such hyperbole and, quite frankly, I’ve never used any “clean up your Mac” app I liked enough to recommend.

Your mileage may vary, but first check under USB devices to see if ‘Apple Trackpad’ is listed.. exe and AppleTime exe), to an actual Trackpad driver that will allow a two finger + click on the Trackpad as a right-click.. Results of the Smart Scan Cache files are a double-edged sword They can speed up the performance of Photos, iTunes, screensavers, websites, and many other operations.. During my saga to install Vista, I kept wondering why the right-click functionality doesn’t work, and finally when I gave up and moved back to XP I found that it still did not work.. What I ended up having to do was force the Trackpad driver to install, as Windows seems to prefer a more generic (but signed) driver over the Apple specific (and unsigned) driver.

This before (left) and after (right) shot tells the story of my 100+GB of cruft There’s More! In addition to Smart Scan, there are several other useful tools: • Uninstaller uninstalls applications properly by deleting all of their related files, even files that are hidden from view.. CleanMyMac X Changed my Mind MacPaw’s new CleanMyMac X is the exception to the rule.

• Privacy cleans your browser history including auto-fill forms and other data saved by popular browsers.. Click Install This will install various drivers and bits of software to ensure compatibility with the MacBook Pro’s hardware, including the display, trackpad, and Wi-Fi.. • Updater checks your non-App Store apps and identifies those with updates available.. Once the driver is installed, right-click functionality, and scrolling via the Trackpad works properly.. • Large and Old Files* identifies large and forgotten files and allows you to easily delete them. 5ebbf469cd


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